How to Discover your WHY

How To Discover Your WHY?

How To Discover Your WHY? 770 470 Thomas Dori

Do you have a clear and concise answer to „Why are you doing the things you do?“

In case you read our last article on LEGO® Serious Play®, you already know that at Anwert we believe that knowing your values is important because they eventually impact all the decisions you make. LEGO® Serious Play® is a technique which taps into the creative potential and perspectives of each team member. It allows you to think freely and consider past events as well as aspirations and visions.

A Process To Reconnect With Your Past

If you want to keep your aspirations out and focus on what drove you in the past, there is a method for you. It is „Find your Why“ by Simon Sinek. You might know Simon from his TED Talk on „How Great Leaders Inspire Action“ aka the Golden Circle. Since October 2017 we finally know how Simon and his fellows David Mean and Peter Docker facilitate their workshop. Why? Because they released their book „Find Your Why – A Practical Guide For Discovering Purpose For You And Your Team“.

Of course, we had to get it and try the techniques with individuals and teams. We immediately noticed that the process is not as rigorous as LSP. It requires the facilitator to ask more questions to drive participants to the necessary conclusions. However, the results feel even very profound since the way you get there is through reconnecting with your past.

The Process Of „Finding Your WHY“

We don’t want to take away too much but we can say this: during the process, you’ll be asked to think of really important stories. These stories will be the basis to find out

  • what specific contribution your organization made to the lives of your customers
  • these contributions enabled your customers to do or be.

All these stories will then allow you to draft your first Why Statement – a sentence with a certain structure. From that point on it will be your task to implement this statement in your organization and to live and refine it every single day.

This process can be applied to individuals, teams, and entire organizations. If you want to discover the WHY of your organization, I suggest we grab a coffee. Just drop us an email.