Let's plant your ideas into a mind map.

Getting the Most Out of MindNode for iOS - Part 1 of 3

MindNode for iOS

Let's Plant Your Ideas

- Getting the Most Out of MindNode for iOS -

It Starts With Your Thought

Putting your thoughts and ideas out into the world is as simple as planting an apple tree. Let us walk you through the essential steps:

1. Plant the Seed

When you open a new MindNode document, the first node will already be there. Tap the main node and then tap "Edit" to turn your thoughts into words.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⏎End Editing
⌘  +  ⏎Edit Title
⌥  +  ⏎Line Break Within a Node

2. Let It Grow

Now it's time to add all your other thoughts. Just tap on the "+" sign next to a node to create a new sub-node on the same or a new level.

Keyboard shortcuts:
New Node on Same Level⏎
New Node on Next Level⇥

3. Apples to Apples

Want to reorganize a few things? Just drag and drop nodes to wherever you want them to be.

Want to order them alphabetically? Select "Sort Alphabetically" at the bottom of the Action Inspector in the floating panel.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⌘  +  ↑  /  ↓Move Up/Down on Same Level
⌘  +  ←  /  →Move One Level Up/Down

What's on your mind?

Open MindNode and...

Plant Your Ideas

Need More Help?

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Not Working on iOS?

There's also a guide to get the most out of MindNode for Mac.

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