Let's plant your ideas into a mind map.

Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac - Part 1 of 3

MindNode for Mac

Let's Plant Your Ideas

- Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac -

It Starts With Your Thought

Putting your thoughts and ideas out into the world is as simple as planting an apple tree. Let us walk you through the essential steps:

1. Plant the Seed

When you open a new MindNode document, the first node will already be there. Just start typing to turn your thoughts into words.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⏎End Editing
⌘  +  ⏎Edit Title
⌥  +  ⏎Line Break Within a Node

2. Let It Grow

Now it's time to add all your other thoughts. Just click on the "+" sign next to a node to create a new sub-node on the same or a new level.

Keyboard shortcuts:
New Node on Same Level⏎
New Node on Next Level⇥

3. Apples to Apples

Want to reorganize a few things? Just drag and drop nodes to wherever you want them to be.

Want to order them alphabetically? Select the menu item "Node > Sort > Sort Child Nodes Alphabetically"

Keyboard shortcuts:
⌘  +  ↑  /  ↓Move Up/Down on Same Level
⌘  +  ←  /  →Move One Level Up/Down

What's on your mind?

Open MindNode and...

Plant Your Ideas

Need More Help?

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Not Working on Mac?

There's also a guide to get the most out of MindNode for iOS.

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