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Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac - Part 2 of 3

MindNode for Mac

Cultivating Context

- Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac -

More Thoughts
Call For More Context

Not all thoughts are alike, and not all ideas will fit into a node's title. This is why we have created features like notes, tasks, and connections for you. Here is how you can use them:

1. Notes: The Ideas Behind Ideas

Want to keep the node title slick? Use the notes field in the Notes Inspector to add further details.

For quick access, you can always use the Notes Popover.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⌘  +  4Show Notes Inspector
⌘  +  ⇧  +  KShow Notes Popover

2. Tasks: Getting Thoughts Done

Your thoughts are actually to-dos? Simply convert nodes into tasks by clicking the Task button in the toolbar.

Mark them as done by clicking on the circle.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Convert Node to Task ⇧  +  ⌘  +  T
Mark Task as "Done"⌘  +  ⌘  +  U

3. Connections: Tie Thoughts Together

Select any two nodes and click the "Connect" button in the toolbar.

Double click on the connection to add a connection title.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⌘  +  LConnect 2 Selected Nodes
⇧  +  DragConnect 2 Nodes

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There's also a guide to get the most out of MindNode for iOS.

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