Let your ideas (look) ripe.

Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac - Part 3 of 3

MindNode for Mac

Make It Look Ripe

- Getting the Most Out of MindNode for Mac -

Your Thoughts, Your Style.

These are your thoughts, ideas, and words. They deserve to look pretty. That's why we have made it really easy to give them your personal touch. Plus, what you'll learn today will also allow others to grasp the essence of your idea in the blink of an eye.

1. Themes: Your Design Headstart

In the left sidebar, you can choose from multiple themes. Here you also find a control to change the canvas background.

Want more themes?
Visit our theme gallery.

Keyboard shortcuts:
⌘  +  1Show/Hide Themes Inspector

2. Styles: Making Apples Orange

Select the node(s) you'd like to style. Make the desired changes in the style inspector on the right of the window.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Show/Hide Style Inspector⌘  +  3
Copy Style of Selected Node⌥  +  ⌘  +  C
Paste Style to Selected Node⌥  +  ⌘  +  V

3. Stickers: Instant Clarity

Select a node and simply add colored or automatically-tinted stickers by clicking the Sticker button in the toolbar.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Show Sticker Panel⌘  +  3

4. Images: Say More Than Words

Photos can be added to a node by dragging & dropping from anywhere on your Mac. To quickly access your Photos Library, click the image button in the toolbar.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Show Photo Panel⌘  +  ⌘  +  3

What's on your mind?

Open MindNode and...

Make It Look Beautiful

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There's also a guide to get the most out of MindNode for iOS.

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